Soda Blasting - Smoke and Soot Removal

Soda blasting is the perfect choice for smoke and fire restoration because it is without question the fastest and most effective tool available for removing soot and cleaning lightly charred building materials. Since baking soda is considered a non-destructive and non-abrasive media, it will clean soot from all framing members of a building without damaging the wood and provides a superior "sanded" finish on most surfaces. Soda blasting will remove soot from concrete block, wood and metal framing, trusses and plywood decking, thereby reducing the cost of replacing expensive building materials and saving a lot of demolition and re-construction. It will not compromise the structural integrity of any building.

Additionally, the dust created when blasting is often, and somewhat wrongly, characterized as a disadvantage when using the process for restoration. In actuality, the baking soda changes the pH (or “neutralizes”) the odor-causing soot and fire residue, thereby eliminating all smoke odor and soot on damaged structures. It is environmentally safe, has no toxic fumes or chemical solvents, is non-sparking, non-flammable and water soluble. Most blasting jobs can be completed in days which also saves time on rebuilding and ultimately gets your restoration project finished faster.

Our staff is well trained in the field of smoke removal and cleanup and knows the best methods to better serve your needs to save time and be the most cost effective. We will perform all the necessary services to preserve, protect and secure your business or home both cleanly and safely, while protecting the environment at the same time.

Ultimately the test that all cleaning processes must pass is the challenge to be effective both in its application and its results. Soda blasting for fire restoration passes that test with flying colors.

Kelso Restoration provides a wide variety of restoration services including clean up of damage caused by fire, smoke and soot. Visit our website at Kelso Industrial Group or call us at 877-860-5602.

Kelso Restoration Soda Blasting Attic Fire

Kelso Restoration Soda Blasting Attic Fire

Kelso Restoration Soda Blasting Attic Fire

Kelso Restoration Soda Blasting Attic Fire


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